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The Tech & Learning Leadership Summits are exclusive, invitation-only events for top-level executives with education technology buying responsibilities. Presenting timely and relevant content from the most authoritative speakers and advisors, along with unmatched networking opportunities for sponsors, the two-day events are comprised of lively panel discussions and roundtables, one-on-one meetings and networking-focused social activities.


Speakers and discussions will focus on K-12 leadership for tomorrow’s schools and the impact of emerging technologies such as mobile and cloud computing, immersive and virtual environments, and more. Each Summit will use a combination of presentations and working sessions to focus on challenges and success stories related to technology-supported educational transformation.


Phoenix, AZ




Theme: Curriculum & Tech: Can This Marriage Be Saved?


Dates: Thursday and Friday, December 7-8


Location:  The Camby Hotel, Phoenix, AZ


For any tech initiative to not just survive but thrive, IT and curriculum leaders must share the same goals. It’s easy to say that an educational vision should drive everything we do with technology in schools but far harder to ensure that the organizational structure, communication channels and other elements are in place to make the marriage between technology and learning a successful one. The December T&L Leadership Summit will address this issue through panels and discussions that can help both sides better understand each other’s challenges, improve collaboration, and support a district’s instructional goals through powerful uses of technology.


In addition to examining this theme, attendees will have the opportunity to suggest topics for small group discussions that they will attend during the second day of the conference. Topics range from data privacy to professional learning, 1:1 models to facilitating change. Tech Learning Leader Summit participants are both teachers and learners at these events, sharing their challenges and successes with their peers, brainstorming solutions to a variety of challenges, building a personal learning network of colleagues they can turn to for counsel throughout the year, and walking away with action items they can put into place in their districts.




2018 Events


March 2-3: T&L Leadership Summit, Redwood City, CA
Theme: A District-Level Look at Innovation in K-12

At the March 2018 Tech & Learning Leadership Summit, attendees will discuss innovative models of schooling, tech breakthroughs that will drive innovation, and what schools are doing to create the next generation of innovators.


June 22-23: T&L Leadership Summit, Chicago, IL
Theme: Pre-ISTE: Curriculum & Tech: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

During the June 2018 Tech & Learning Leadership Summit, school leaders discuss ways they supported their technology & curriculum department leaders to better collaborate and support various edtech initiatives.


October: T&L Leadership Summit, Denver, CO

Theme: Bridging the Equity Gap with Innovative Connections

At the October 2018 Tech & Learning Leadership Summit, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to and share the many innovative ways district leaders have worked to close the digital divide through innovative solutions.


December: Phoenix, AZ

Theme: Tech Tools & Trends

During the December 2018 Tech & Learning Leadership Summit, attendees will discuss some of the newest tech tools & trends and how these tools are being used–and not used–in today’s most  innovative districts.



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